Lucia N°03 Home Portal

Perfect for sessions at home, for workshops and on road.

The "Home Portal" is designed for singular use and ideally for use in workshops or groups of light experiences.


Absolutely new is that you can control several Lucia N°03 Home Portals exactly synchronously with just one Lucia N°03 Practitioner System.

This is the most new high technic system in the world, created by Austrian scientists of Lucia N°03, light attendance gmbh, and create you a completely new experience in  in your workshops and groups of light experiences. 

Guaranteeing unique experiences at exactly the same time with other light travelers.


Comfort in operation


  • Set up Lucia N°03 Home Portal, switch on with a four-digit PIN code, quickly select and start sessions with the convenient rotary knob.
  • With the mouse you can activate the popular functions "freeze" and "dimm" during the session.

Scope of delivery

  • Lamp head with four cold light and one hot light source
  • Stainless stell and carbon lamp stand, can be dismantled, extremely light and yet stable, with telescopic function for regulating the distance
  • Power supply with country-specific plug
  • Mouse: start / stop, emergency button, freeze function, dimming function
  • 124 ready-to-use sessions
  • Carrying case for secure storage with combination lock individually adjustable
  • Lucia N°03 USB stick for data transfer and data backup
  • Operation manual 
  • upholstery with cover
  • Outside dimension of the case: 47 x 17.5 x 37.5 cm, total weight: 4.5 kg

Production / Price

  • All components used meet the highest quality standards
  • Design and software come from Austria
  • Lucia N°03 Home Portal is handmade in the district of Tyrol and shipped worldwide after careful final testing.
  • The technique of the meditation lamp Lucia N°03 has been internationally patented.
  • Lucia N°03 Practitioner System received medals at major inventions fairs (Geneva, Nuremberg, Kuweit)
  • Lucia N°03 is the world's leading pioneer in terms of the Hypnagogic Light experience

Price € 6'600.00 per Lucia N°03 Home Portal, 

Factory's duty in Austria, Taxes and Shipping are not included