The Atlaslogy based on the current knowledge of the new quantum physics is equally stimulating to the body, mind and soul. The first cervical vertebra, called Atlas or C1 plays a primary role in the spine. A malfunction located in  the area might have a "domino" effect on the entire musculoskeletal system, the circulatory and the nervous system, by creating imbalances and dysfunctions in various parts of the body.

Correcting the position of the Atlas, in the event it is misaligned, is necessary regardless of the possible ailments which might be temporarily suffered, since it is an "investment" aimed at attaining a good future health. Neither sudden head movements nor any stretching or straining of the neck are carried out.

The free flow of the nerve impulses from and to the somatic cell is again guaranteed. the constant regeneration of all the organs and of the whole body is optimally supported.


The Atlaslogy...

  • is an integral nature method and an alternative health v^care for an optimally working central nervous system (CNS), serving the recovery and maintenance of the health
  • Health means for the human being to live in physical,spiritual and mental harmony
  • The gentlest alternative to maintain and to improve the well-being, atlaslogy is abel to help people of all ages


Bowen Therapy

The Bowen Therapie prompt the body to reset, repair and balance itself and is a holistic and multidimensional approach to pain relief and healing. Clients report the experience of pain relief, improvement of function and recovery of energy. The answer to this stimulation is individual. Bowen Therapie, trough specific soft tissue or facial release and integration techniques, stimulate specific receptors that enable the body itself to correct dysfunctions and restore homeostasis (balance) on a holistic level.

To combine it with other therapy methods is noch only possible, but has also shown to be very efficient Bowen Therapy treats the whole body, and ist holistic effects are apparent in patients who find resolution to problems above ans beyond those for which they have sought treatment, for example lack of energy, stress or emotional issues. The experience of a treatment is gentle, subtile and relaxing. Often the clients can't imagine, that so much can be accomplished with so little effort.

But beside those gentle and precise moves at specific points of the body, breaks in between the sequences ensure for balancing the flow of energy and for the use of the stimuli.


Bowen Therapy...

  • A few specific movements can have a positive effect
  • Stimulates the flow of energy, strengthens the defences of the organism, the self-healing and the self-regulating capacities.
  • Has to be seen as an autonomous dynamic system for holistic muscle and connective tissue application

Breuss Massage

The Breuss Massage is a very gentle Spinal Massage that safely stretches nourishes, aligns and energizes the spine and which produces a deep relaxation. the Breuss Massage was developed by the late Austrian Healer Rudolf Breuss.

Rudolf believed that degenerated intervertebral discs were capable of regenerating.

This special Oil Massage actually stretches the spine, and acts rather like a whole nights worth of healthy sleeping. Thanks to a gentle stretch of you backbone, more space is given to the intervertebral discs, which stimulates their regeneration.


The Breuss Massage...

  • Stretches, nourishes, aligns, and energizes the spine, helping to alleviate physical or energetic blockages, regenerating the whole body system in a sage, simple and effective way
  • Combines  perfectly with the Dorn Method
  • Is ideal for relaxing after the atlaslogy therapy

Dorn spine therapy

The Dorn Methode originated in a small village deep in the German region of Bavaria almost 40 years ago by Dieter Dorn.

The Dorn Method instead is simply a set of non-manipulative special techniques which provide a gentle and safe way to corrected common misalignments of the Spinal Column and other joints and in so doing helping to relieve common back and joint pain along with associated problems areas such as neck pain, headaches, hip, sciatica, jaw, knee, shoulder and other common problem areas. It is also a self help therapy, free of unpleasant side effects, completely safe with no medication being. People who come for Dorn therapy are shown very simple tips and techniques to take away with them so they can help themselves to stay pain free. A little help is needed from the client who assist the Dorn therapist.

With a shifted vertebra emotional experiences are associated. Thanks to the Dorn Method, blocked energies can be released. The person acquires a new strength and freedom, so that he is able to meld his own life and develop his nature.


How Dorn works...

  • Aims to correct structural imbalances in the body, focusing on the realignment of joints and vertebrae using gentle ans safe to apply techniques
  • Undertakes corrections using dynamic moving actions, employing the use of muscle distraction which is a key element to the success of Dorn Method
  • Does not treat the symptoms
  • Releases blocked and brings new vitality

The classic therapeutic massage

The massage is surely one of the oldest well-being and relaxing method and has increasingly consolidated its roots throughout all cultures and times.

Different types of grips are intuitively compiled by us, according to the pursued therapy objective. The individual construction of each massage therapy follows our perception and the focus on your state, muscles tension and pain zone.

A combination with other therapy methods can be excellently combined.

Unlike the Atlaslogy and the Dorn method the classic therapeutic massage settles directly at the muscle. The two approaches complement each other and lead to a comprehensive care.

Each massage and each massage grip is precise, because it is not just a massage, it is a massage which is right for you!


The classic therapeutic massage...

  • Is relaxing
  • Activates the blood flow ans skin metabolism
  • Furthers the healing process
  • Is especially suitable, to prepare the muscles for other therapy methods

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