I was this little girl. I just knew it. Already in my childhood I was aware of things that others were not aware of it. Unfortunately I neglected this faculty and discovered it again when I was at the lowest point of my life. I escaped from my former husband, ended up in a women’s shelter, and hided my children in a transition home. I had to start a new life that day.  As I was walking tears rolled down. I wrestled with God: Why is everything so difficult?  At that moment something inconceivable occurred: the most wonderful feeling, I ever felt, overcame me in that desperate situation. I stopped und looked around me. Everything was like before, something happened inside of me that changed strongly my life.

At my beloved mother’s funeral, she died in November 1997, I heard again a little voice inside of me saying: “change your vocation, with what fulfils you, make yourself independent”. I was advised to follow my vocation of putting people first so to enable them to take part in my competencies. At that time i was working in a commercial field, had a very good job. But I was terribly missing one thing:  the sensitivity for humans. As you all know, what is most important in these firms, is he financial success and the human being is completely forgotten. I was sick and tired of it, so I went off searching.

But I still had this voice inside of me. She was telling me, that I soon will have a car accident. Beginning of July, 6 months after my mum’s death, this accident occurred. My whole life was rattled once more. Nothing was the same than before. Diagnosis: "whiplash injury”, pain, tensions, tiredness, concentration disorders have been part of my daily life. So I again went off searching. I was looking for relief; I never experienced it in all the different therapy methods. Nothing helped.

As I was reading in a flyer about Atlaslogy, I knew that this would be my salvation, even before I started the treatment. This is it! I knew it! This is my new life task. And it really was.  My tragic as well as incredible premonitions of my past made suddenly sense.

After that, things accelerated rapidly: After the schooling the Atlaslogy with the founder Walter Landis I opened in January 2000 my new therapy center. A life changing event! I had now the chance to live my vocation; to bring back people to a mental, physical and equalizing balance! Thanks to my own experience I was able to bring that knowledge to others. I am so thankful for it.

The image of people making the queue in front of my therapy center helped me to get through all the doubts and existential restlessness. My confidence grew. I trusted daily my spiritual guides and went on with continuing training. My clients were my strength and my motivation. Each one helped on his way. Thanks to all that I could grow in quality and diversity.

Quantum physics, spirituality and spiritual healing have kept me busy since years. How can I influence a „change“ in a body, in the way that the wellbeing comes back? What does a person need to find his equal balance again? That he finds himself against? How can he live that greater presence in the Here and Now?

My diverse trainings, my wide range of own experience with spiritual power allowed the growth of my seminars „Emotion and Brain“.

Now has come the time to help the people who are searching for their awareness to learn and experience this marvellous Road!  The Caribien Iland Cuba and Mexico is the right place for it. A place where you leave the stress behind you, where you stimulate creative Intelligence as well as neuronal activities!

Now YOU have to live your whole potential. YOU ARE MY GUEST.  I look forward to welcoming you in my life of wellbeing, of spirituality, OF THE DISCOVERY OF YOUR INNER YOU  Brigitta